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Bb Lights

Bb Lights

If you’re looking for a great-tasting smoke at an affordable price, consider BB Lights from native Smokes 4 Less. A single carton of BB cigarettes costs just $50 from our website; however, you can buy BB smokes online from us at discounted prices when you buy in bulk quantities. All of our native cigarettes for sale are available at the incredible price of $35 per carton when you purchase 50+ cartons at one time. Our flat-rate shipping price is only $25, no matter how many cartons you buy. Take advantage of our deals and order cheap Canadian smokes from a reputable supplier.

4 Popular Cigarette Brands We Sell At Native Smokes 4 Less

1. BB Lights are packed densely for a long-lasting smoke that delivers on taste. Delicately cut tobacco burns more even than other brands, so you can take your time when you light up, relishing every last puff. At Native Smokes 4 Less, we have a lot of customers who specifically ask for BB Lights by name- repeat customers who know the value of a quality cigarette. If you’ve never tried BB Lights, we encourage you to purchase a carton and see for yourself why so many Canadians choose them as their number one cigarette.

2. Canadian Classics are always in high demand at Native Smokes 4 Less. If you sell cigarettes at a retail store and are looking for a sure seller, you’ll want to stock up on our Canadian Classics Originals and Canadian Classics Silver, also called Lights. Canadian Classics cigarettes are part of Canada’s culture and rose to prominence in the 1990s as one of the best-selling cigarette brands in the country.

3. Canadian Full, Lights, and Menthol are a good choice for smokers looking for a real tobacco taste. Full Flavor have a signature robust flavor while Lights are easier to smoke. The classic Menthols provide a cool, minty flavor that is crisp on the inhale and smooth on the exhale. You’ll find Canadian smokes to be an exceptional deal for both you and your customers.

4. Rolled Gold Full and Lights are made from 100% natural tobacco with no additives. Although the Canadian government succeeded in making the Canadian Classics manufacturer remove the words ‘Additive-Free’ from their cigarette packs and cartons, Rolled Gold still proudly displays the fact that their cigarettes have nothing added to the tobacco during the manufacturing process. Rolled Gold Full and Lights are an amazing deal, also available from us at discounted prices as low as $35 per carton when purchased in bulk.

Cheap Native Made Cigarettes

Cheap doesn’t mean inferior quality when it comes to our smokes- it simply means you’ll pay less for popular brands, like BB Lights, and any others. We welcome you to try all of our native smokes, compare taste, discover our quality, and place a bulk order to keep your store shelves well stocked. Order now and save with flat-rate shipping and some of the lowest prices on native smokes you’ll find on the Web.

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Bb Lights
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