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Beauty Salon Autoclaves

Beauty Salon Autoclaves

Do you need an autoclave sterilizer for your salon? At Centre for Beauty, we sell the latest models of beauty salon autoclaves to sterilize solid, mated, non-porous, hinged, and knurled salon tools. Our autoclaves are inexpensive and highly energy-efficient.

What is autoclave used for?

An autoclave sterilizes salon tools, equipment, and other materials. A salon autoclave is generally used to sterilize nail tools, tools used for facials, and feet services. Our autoclaves have special provisions for placing tools like metal files, nippers, scissors, clippers, etc. when you sterilize them. We also offer a vast array of salon autoclaves to help you choose the right device based on your salon needs. Our autoclaves contain in-built dryers cutting your job by half.

Our autoclaves are simple and safe for everyday operation by your salon staff and energy-efficient. Our device uses high pressures of steam to kill spores, germs, and bacteria, allowing you to keep your salon tools germ-free and safe for use on customers. To buy a beauty salon autoclave at affordable prices, get in touch with us today.

Importance of autoclave

Autoclaves are a mandate in all salons, especially in nail salons and massage spas. Every time you provide a service like a manicure, pedicure, or nail filling to a client, the tools that you use can carry germs, bacteria, and harmful microbes. Most salons resort to cleaning their tools once a day, and they use regular boiling water to disinfect their tools. However, it can take extremely high temperatures to destroy all the microbial contaminations effectively.

The most effective way to sanitize your salon tools is to use an autoclave which uses highly pressurized steam for sterilization.  Without an autoclave, you expose your clients to the risks of viral and fungal infections. Autoclaves are one of the most important salon equipment that can equip you to offer safe and hygienic salon services to your customers.  Call us for info on our range of beauty salon autoclaves.

How can I buy the right autoclave for my beauty salon?

When choosing an autoclave for your salon, make sure to check its efficiency on the following parameters:

  • An autoclave should be at par with standards set by CDC and must contain a drying cycle to remove excess moisture after the steaming process.
  • An efficient autoclave device must come with pouches where you can store your sterile salon supplies after the sterilizing process.
  • Make sure that your device has easy to use settings for the timer, temperature, and switches for active and maintenance modes.
  • Find a device that can sterilize and offer you the tools within a couple of minutes. You cannot keep your clients waiting while you take your own sweet time to clean tools.

Centre for Beauty offers the best range of autoclaves with rapid cycles, multiple trays for tools and warranty. Our beauty salon autoclaves do not consume much of your salon space and offer the best durability compared to other products in the market. Get in touch with our centre for more information.

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Beauty Salon Autoclaves
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