clear PVC tube packaging

clear PVC tube packaging

Transparent packaging is more successful in impressing consumers. It provides a better shelving option and enhances the security of the packaged content. People understand that what they see is what they will get. The Coca Cola bottle with a clear glass bottle will show you the exact amount of soda within. Integrating a healthy degree of creativity will make the product unique among clamps of transparent packages.

The right transparent package should be secure and durable. Glass material is one of the transparent packages that offer an aesthetic crystalline package. A more convenient alternative is plastic.

Clear PVC is number three of the world’s most-produced plastic polymer, with estimated productions of up to 40 tons in a year. The number demonstrates that PVC is preferably cheaper and serves the right purpose in transparency.

What is PVC?

PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. It has a resin identification code of 3 and makes for versatile use in construction projects. The dependability of PVC makes it a valid solution for packaging sensitive items like food and cosmetic products.

Clear PVC is common in over-the-counter medicine because it showcases the details of the tabs or liquid. Similarly, the clarity is good for household goods and personal care components. Clear PVC tube packaging is an attractive gift, due to the heightened sparkle.

Advantages of choosing clear PVC

Easy accessibility

The American Chemistry Council stated that the production of plastic resins grew by 20.3 percent between 2017 and 2018. The total value of each year’s production was estimated to be $7 billion. The main cause of the sharp climax is that PVC is readily available from used packages or raw materials. Clients considering PVC will not experience a shortage in production at any time of the year or in the future.

Reduced cost

PVC is less costly to produce, in comparison to glass. The chain reaction or reduced cost is that the end-user of the packaged item will not pay higher for the cost of production. A cheap and reliable clear PVC tube packaging is the better option when you want the perks of transparency without the additional requirement of excess pricing.


PVC will not break when you transport it among a stash of heavier items. Glass requires extra care when moving the items; hence you risk losing a good portion of the stock when you cannot afford proper transport. Moreover, PVC is stronger when exposed to susceptible elements like heat.


PVC is considerably lighter than high-quality heavy glass. The reduced weight will ease logistics and cost involved. Both the consumer and the manufacturing company will enjoy the lightweight quality, which allows for carrying small cosmetic products in carryon bags.


Clear PVC is better than opaque PVC. The use of clear PVC tube packaging is rampant in food industries that have to win over the trust of the clients. Specific spices are tricky to select when in the midst of other confusing similarities in the store. A clear packaging helps consumers make a quick differentiation analysis. Consolidated Strategy Group aims to offer holistic benefits that will soar your business to higher levels.


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clear PVC tube packaging
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