Consolidated Packaging Group

Consolidated Packaging Group

Your choice of packaging company should have enough expertise to give you the best solution. The provider should consider the needs of the firm and establish a solution that will compliment your business’ goals. A knowledgeable team with updated resources follows a stringent process that will retain the motto of their clients.

Consolidated Packaging Group is undoubtedly aware that the technicalities of a packaging project will depend on the relationship with the client. How can you ensure that you make a prudent decision regarding the packaging of your items?


Does the packaging firm have a proper inspection of products before determining the best techniques? The firm should establish procedures to calibrate every single detail of your item before settling on the right equipment and systems. The packaging methods should have sustainable control measures to maintain high quality for extended periods.

Intuitive solutions

The client may not be aware of all the intricacies that define proper packaging. It is, therefore, up to the Consolidated Packaging Group to inform all our clients on which materials and shapes will sustain better success.

Other clients have an evident vision of how they want their products to look on the store’s shelves. Our customer care will give you the list of shapes that will offer superior performance. Some of our solutions include:

  • Jars
  • Tubes
  • Cylinders
  • Spray tops
  • Squeeze tops

The result of our collaboration will be long-lasting and enduring for the applicable niche of operation.

Expert labeling

Filling containers with one content is the only aspect of packaging. The service provider should know how imprint labels on the boxes and bottles. The range of labeling services should also include the inner lining of the container. Some transparent packages prefer to label the description on the inner side to prevent wear after extensive handling.

Turnkey option

Consolidated Packaging Group has Turnkey packaging, which uses cutting edge technology and evaluation to cut down on costs and improve logistics. The only task the client performs is to review and approve the entire procedure.

Budget friendliness

A trustworthy and reliable packaging firm will work within your budget to produce packages that do not compromise the quality of the content. Aspects that define cost optimization include the type of material, volume of the containers, design fees, type of graphic technology, and ease of handling the goods.

Seamless operation

The right packaging firm will have all the human and technical resources at hand before beginning their first project. Some of these include

  • Animation tools
  • 3D designing tech
  • Structural prototypes of containers
  • Machines that can administer various volumes and speeds of packaging
  • An engineering expert to monitor the process
  • Different materials of containers


A packaging firm with varied experiences of operation will have a focused perception of how to work various forms of both dry and liquid content. The technical support team will scrutinize and test each packaging step for quality assurance. Our team works with companies in the following industries

  • Food and beverage
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Household chemical
  • Pet and VET
  • Liquids, wine, and spirits
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial chemicals


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