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Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons

Buy the Finest Folding Cartons for Your Products

Packaging boxes are the ultimate choice for packaging a wide variety of products. In addition to protecting the containers or packaging of your goods, the box is a fundamental element of marketing and branding.

They are extremely versatile since you can pack bottles, jars, containers, squeeze tubes, closures, pumps, sprayers, packettes, and blisters, among others. There are a wide variety of box types, and you should know them so that you can choose which folding carton is ideal for each of your SKU's.

What are the Top 8 Types of Boxes for Packaging Your Products?

  1. Straight Tuck Box: also called standard boxes because they are the most common. The entire box is made in one piece, and both flaps close forward. They are perfect for light and medium weight products, do not require assembly, and can be used in several industries.
  2. Reverse Tuck Box: they are one-piece and similar to straight boxes, except that one flap closes forward and the other flap closes backward. They are also for light to medium weight goods, and versatile for a variety of products. Their cost is lower, as more pieces can be obtained per sheet of paperboard.
  3. Lock Bottom Box: these are the perfect choice for heavier items, as they have a bottom of three flaps that overlap each other. The top lock is usually tuck type, assembly is simple and they are easy to store. Ideal for glassware and heavy items.
  4. Crash Bottom Box: this is the strongest option for packing heavy objects. Its bottom automatically assembles when assembled, so they are also called crash bottom or self-closing boxes. The lid closure is usually tuck type, and its bottom is pre-glued for greater strength.
  5. One-Piece Tuck Top Box: this option has double sidewalls, which makes it very strong and durable. They are versatile, and you can use them for different products and industries. It has friction latches on the top, and snap closure tabs on the bottom. Ideal for packing multiple items.
  6. Two-Pieces Boxes: has a myriad of functions, from food, product kits, to luxury items. It is ideal for any merchandise. They are composed of a tray and a lid, both with a double-wall structure. They are very resistant and durable thanks to their double-wall structure in both parts.
  7. Holster Boxes: they are also called "half boxes" because their top is open. It is ideal for displaying the product to the consumer, such as toys or cosmetics. The bottom closes with a straight fold.
  8. Counter Display Box: this is a folding box, which allows the product to be displayed as well as protected. The header of the box is the lid of the box itself and allows the addition of more marketing elements to promote the product. They are ideal for shelves and racks.

Get the Best Carton Packaging with Us!

If you are looking for the leading folding cartons to put your products in the spotlight, you are in the right place. Consolidated Strategy Group is the benchmark company in the manufacturing of boxes and displays for your products. Let our 40+ years of industry experience put you at the forefront of your target markets. Call or contact us to discuss your custom packaging needs.

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