Pharma Packaging Solutions

Pharma Packaging Solutions

Doing business in the pharmaceutical industry is complicated and delicate. Producing, packaging, and marketing medicines is about people's lives. Making even the slightest mistake could compromise not only the health of consumers. A problem with a drug from your company could wipe out your business, get you out of the industry, and even bring you severe legal complications.

In this sense, the selection of suppliers and commercial allies is crucial for the safe development of operations and the business itself. One of the essential suppliers is that of your pharma packaging solutions. You must know what to take into account when selecting your ideal supplier.

What Should The Ideal Pharma Packaging Provider Offer You?

There are several medications that if wrongly packaged, can deteriorate. Factors such as humidity, temperature, and the incidence of external agents such as atmospheric gases or light must be taken care of. The supplier must provide you with packaging solutions made from the highest quality materials and produced to an exceptional quality standard. These are the main characteristics that an outstanding packaging provider must have:

  • They must have the experience to avoid using materials that are harmful to health. Besides, packaging should not generate any reaction to contact with medicines.
  • Packaging must comply with all safety measures (such as anti-child opening protection, among others). Also, the containers must be free of contamination. Potentials must take into account the characteristics of your product and your packaging processes.
  • They must offer you a similar product, which does not vary from batch to batch. If the packaging differs, it can compromise the integrity of your product, and also threaten your corporate image & your brand. Also, if the drug is considered high-risk, or sold under strict prescription, they should offer you safety elements such as holograms.
  • The provider must offer you variety in packaging solutions. That is to say, that you can choose between glass or plastic, according to the characteristics of the product you are going to pack. If you want more advice about the most excellent pharma packaging solutions contact us; the specialists of Consolidated Strategy Group are ready to support you.

How to Select the Pharma Packaging Provider?

Unlike other industries, you must ensure these conditions before choosing a supplier. Maybe creating the list of potential packers will be longer. You must ensure that they also comply with everything established by bodies such as the WHO and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and anything else that regulates health issues in your locality.

Once the list has been drawn up, you can select the companies that give you the best value for money in the first place. It is also necessary to specify delivery methods, waiting times, and special conditions. In this way you will guarantee the continuity of your production and distribution, in favor of your business.

Get the Best Pharma Packaging Solutions

If you are looking for the best pharmaceutical packaging for your products, you are in the right place. For more than 40 years, Consolidated Strategy Group has been the industry's leading provider of packaging solutions. Let us be your business partner, provide you with America's most amazing products, and help your business grow. Contact us.

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