Plastic Tube Packaging Co

Plastic Tube Packaging Co

Packaging has a wide array of raw materials that make packed items look good and have considerable durability. Packaging has many forms, and each piece will have a particular type. The plethora of packaging categories includes the widely used plastic material.

Plastic packets are not the worst choice in regards to the health of the environment. One research stated that forty percent of all plastic undergoes recycling, while only twenty percent of glass is recycled. Therefore, it is wise to consider all the benefits of plastic for packaging and the specific packaging type that fits certain products.

Plastic tube packaging

Plastic tube packaging has a favor for items that are liquid or creamy. The cosmetic industry is the biggest user of this packaging category. Other applications include the manufacture of hot or cold water filling bottles. Our plastic tube packaging co uses materials that are easily moldable and can take color easily. Consolidated Strategy Group has a plastic tube packaging service that has avid use for the following products:

  • Hair products
  • Skincare products
  • Toothpaste
  • Topical ointments

Materials of plastic tube packages

Low-density polyethylene

It is flexible and soft to touch. The raw form of the material has a natural tint that makes it easy to color. LDPE is perfect for lightweight packing. It has high resistance to moisture and excessive pressure. It also absorbs gas on a minimal percentage.

High-density polyethylene

HDPE is not as flexible as LDPE, but it has better firmness and is less vulnerable. It is easy to color and offers excellent resistance to compression. The reduced malleability makes it pick up its original form fast after deformation by pressure.

Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer

EVOH has the least absorption against carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and helium. It is therefore suitable for packing cosmetic products and medicinal items that need a neater gas barrier.  


This option is a sheet of packing material with different layers of plastic. The layering aims to offer a decorative outlook that still retains high functionality.

Benefits of plastic tube packaging Co

Reduced cost

The plastic tube is easy to manufacture in regards to expenses. It has a high production efficiency that uses minimal pricing.

Varied packaging

The tube’s moldable state makes it a good option for unique packaging of individual cosmetic packets. It offers heightened satisfaction to users who appreciate flexible packaging and vibrant colors. The softness also gives a smooth and attractive appearance.


Tube packages can withstand extreme weather changes. They are highly usable for products that need to undergo standardization, such as high humidity, temperature, and light.

High portability

The lightweight and compressional shape of these tubes make them convenient for pressurized packing. The cosmetic industry packages up to 70 percent of its items in plastic containers because the pasty products are more comfortable to carry in both long and short distances.

Improved eco-friendliness

Our plastic tube packaging Co is continually finding ways to integrate upgraded technology in the manufacture of the materials in use. Currently, the materials have a better sense of conversation and make a better option in comparison to other plastics.



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