Usp 800 Cleanrooms

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Usp 800 Cleanrooms

Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I) is a licensed contractor based in California, U.S.A. The company which was established in 1989, aims to provide the best professional high technical services in the area of environmentally controlled cleanroom as well as laboratory environments.

Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. is focused on the design and build turn-key cleanroom and laboratory facilities for industries. Some of these industries include pharmaceutical, biomedical, semiconductors, among several other related sectors.

What is USP 800

The USP-800 are regulations that guide the healthcare sector and help manage hazardous drugs in such facilities to help protect the medical staff and patients, as well as the environment.

Additionally, USP-800 requires that every facility should assign a project lead to manage and adequately implement the regulations. This will help to achieve the USP 800 compliance better and aid staff who handle hazardous drugs. At Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I), we offer our clients the best services in terms of building a USP-800 compliant compound cleanroom that meets the industry standards.

At P.E.T.I., we manage every cleanroom project which includes healthcare facilities to cater to the staff, patients and the environment in general to eradicate any effect of hazardous drugs. Our team of highly skilled professionals ranges from engineers, technicians, sales attendants and other support staff to provide only the best cleanroom services.

What are the standards of USP-800?

The USP 800 guidelines require medical facilities to meet certain standards such as; having an inventory of all hazardous drugs, training personnel on how to handle these hazardous drugs (HDs), administration, deactivation and spill control, and proper documentation.

Additionally, these facilities must have a means of hazardous communication among the staff, engineering controls and must take responsibility for every staff handling hazardous drugs. There should also be protective equipment for medical staff and adequate surveillance is also vital as this helps to monitor activities in the facility.

The USP-800 applies to every healthcare professional handling hazardous drugs and concerns medical facilities that handle, manufacture and administer hazardous drugs.

Why should you hire our services?

Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I) is a brand with highly skilled professionals who can help you build your desired USP 800 compliant cleanroom. We offer different modules (soft wall cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms, mobile cleanrooms, and standard cleanrooms), and if you desire USP 800 biosafe all-steel cleanrooms, we are here to serve.

We also work according to your budget and compliance needs without compromising on top quality delivery, you never need to worry about a thing.

You need the best hands when dealing with hazardous drugs, this is where we come in to help manage your cleanroom affairs. Our decades of expertise and experience in the industry, providing controlled environments for several industries such as the aerospace, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, and several other related industries give us an edge over the other brands out there.

You can reach out to us today and let's help you develop industry-standard cleanrooms because, at Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. (P.E.T.I), we prioritize safety. When you reach out to us, you get to enjoy a free estimate on all our cleanroom services.

Usp 800 Cleanrooms
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