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Complete Packaging Solutions

We cater to businesses from various industries, delivering quality products and unparalleled customer service.

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Beauty & Personal Care


Industrial Chemical

Household Chemical

Food & Beverage

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Pet & VET


Our team is committed to helping businesses take their brand concept to the market. We offer various packaging styles that are custom-designed to fit the personality and demand of our clients. Contact us today, and get the complete packaging solution for your product that you have always been aiming for.

For over 40 years, we at Consolidated Strategy Group have been providing complete packaging solutions that include turnkey components, packaging, and product fill. Our primary goal is to improve our clients’ business efficiency and profit with our team’s combined knowledge, expertise, skills, creativity, and innovation. We want to make packaging simple for all our customers. From conceptualization, design and development, printing, product filling, to inventory, we can make it happen for you!


We understand the significant role and impact of product packaging in any business. Behind the strongest and fastest growing brands in the industry are responsible and dedicated personnel who carefully manage each deliverable. Our team oversees all product development processes from conceptualization to distribution. This is to ensure that every packaging we handle is of highest quality and standard.

Our team consistently strives hard to bring innovative ideas, producing quality, unique, and attractive product packaging. More than just delivering quality products and services, we also endeavor to develop a strong and lasting relationship with our clients. Our utmost dedication to our clients makes us the go-to provider of complete packaging solutions across California and nearby areas.


Here at Consolidated Strategy Group, the packaging solutions industry is more than just a business; it is a platform that allows our team to showcase our creativity, knowledge, and skills, and combine them with the goal of showcasing every brand’s value and personality in every packaging detail. Our complete packaging solutions are aimed at:

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Green packaging is becoming more than just a trend but an expectation and requirement for most businesses, manufacturers, consumers, and retailers. Here at Consolidated Strategy Group, we aim for sustainability. We implement responsible business practices using innovative designs and materials that have minimal to no environmental impact.


Reducing Customer’s Total Cost

Our team ensures that all our customers’ products are delivered in sound condition at minimum overall cost using cost-effective materials.Whether you are delivering food, cosmetics, and other types of products, the packaging is a significant and direct means to communicate with your target market. Hence, you want to reach as many potential clients as possible with your marketing products by reducing packaging cost.

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