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“Sustainable” means “able to continue.”

What does that mean for packaging, or any industry?
It’s simple: Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs*

Consolidated Strategy Group is committed to responsible environmental and sustainable packaging design, manufacturing and distribution.

consolidated strategy group responsible environmental packaging design

Our Mission is to serve the needs of our customers with products and services that exceed performance through environmental responsibility. This means responsible business practices along with common sense packaging solutions using innovative designs and materials for minimal environmental impact. Managed Forestry initiative programs for paper products and plastic materials are chosen for continuous recycling and renewable material resources. These are front line efforts to protect our environment.

We constantly look for ways to “Size” our products, calculating and producing packaging in the most effective size is key for transportation optimization and ensuring that we use no more material than necessary. This makes our products more space-efficient and economical, requiring less energy to produce and ship to our customers; further reducing the carbon footprint for all consumable materials used.

*Source: As defined by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development.

consolidated strategy group sustainable packaging design