Complete Packaging Solutions: Protect Your Product at the Lowest Cost!

A lot of people associate packaging solutions with just boxes that carry products. But packaging is more than just that. It plays an important role in everyday delivery and storage solutions. Efficient packaging warehouse and complete packaging solutions are essential in keeping your clients satisfied, consumers happy, and products from protected from damage.
The Importance of Contract Packaging
The type, size, and weight of packaging affect almost every part of the supply chain, including transport, environmental impact, packaging cost, and the time employees spend on completing each package. Nowadays, manufacturers across industries are ramping up production operations to meet the consumer’s growing demand. To keep up with this demand while keeping cost-efficient solutions, businesses opt for either investing in packaging automation equipment or contract packaging.
➢ What is contract packaging?

It is the process wherein businesses get the services of an outsourced contract packager to provide them with a myriad of packaging services that range from simple to complex packaging solutions. Contract packagers specialize in various packaging solutions – some specialize in liquid filling, some focus on manual machinery, while some focus on specific products, such as foods and medicines, among others.

➢ How does contract packaging benefit my business?

Packaging communicates your brand’s artistry and commitment to providing quality products and services to your consumers. It is significant in all types of products – from large, industrial equipment to small items, such as medicines and cosmetics. With proper packaging, you will gain the following advantages:

✔ increase effectiveness of storage facility; ✔ assurance on the safety and security of both products received and shipped; ✔ ability to extend the life of shipped goods; and ✔ assurance that hazardous materials conform with the best shipping practices, among others.

Do contract packagers follow specific ethical guidelines?

Contract packagers are expected to adhere to the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Professional Contract Packagers” set by the Contract Packaging Association. They are expected to do the best of their ability to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public and the client.

➢ What are the best practices to lower the cost of packaging?

Several factors, such as the size and type of package, storage requirements, nature of the content, method of transportation, among others, are considered when determining the cost of packaging. Businesses can reap large savings by using professional packaging equipment, considering the economies of scale, and getting the services of a trusted packaging solutions provider.

Turnkey Complete Packaging Solutions across California
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