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Plastic Tube Packaging

Given the array of plastic tube packaging solutions available in the market, it can sometimes be difficult to select the right packaging solution for your product. Cast your worries aside because we at Consolidated Strategy Group are here to help. We will provide you with the best packaging solutions that meet your product demand and requirements.

  • Plastics have unique characteristics that allow them to be easily molded, extruded, and cast into various forms. Plasticizers are found in many plastic tubes. They are durable, reusable, and moldable, allowing easy extruding and cutting to length and shape of the required application. Plastic tubes are designed for a wide variety of applications.

We offer plastic tube packaging as one of our many packaging options. Suitable for all kinds of products, we provide tube filling and packaging for various shapes, including round, square, triangular, and oval tubes.

  • ✔ Our tubes are custom-manufactured with the type of caps that our clients prefer.
  • ✔ We have an extensive range of diameters and wall thickness for open-ended clear plastic tubes.
  • ✔ For container-style package, we have sealed bottom, telescopic, and cylinder-paks. Our sealed bottom clear plastic tube containers are durable and robust, suitable for any consumer packaging applications including sporting goods and bath solutions.


The advantage of tube filling is its applicability to various products, such as cosmetics, medicines, and foods, among others. Here at Consolidated Strategy Group, we use an advanced engineering approach to create unique tube filling solutions. We keep an eye on filling and dosing accuracy of volumetric filling and dosing devices to ensure preciseness and control the diameter, length, number of walls, and chirality of the tubes.


Our team has explored the vast potential of using hot fill compatible plastic bottles in boosting the packaging return on investment for our clients and partners. We have ventured into creating different plastic bottles that can withstand the required temperatures without deforming or collapsing. Our specialists are always ready to help you take the next step in using hot fill plastic bottles.


During the cold fill process, the container is pressurized. Cold filling plastic bottles require sterilization, a typical process for dairy products and aerosol applications. We highly recommend this form of packaging to keep products safe and have a longer shelf life.


Plastic tubes have excellent transparency, chemical resistance, stable electrical properties, and long-term stability that are perfect for packaging a wide array of products. Furthermore, they can be molded into a great range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

With more than 40 years of expertise, we at Consolidated Strategy Group can assure you of the quality and reliability of our packaging solutions. The quality of our works is reflected in every packaging project that we handle. Let\’s talk about how we can help you promote your brand and bring it closer to your target market. Contact us now.

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