Complete Packaging Solutions Can Help Pharma Companies Rise above Industry Challenges

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a challenging period. Sales projections have seen a recent $390B drop. The latest innovations in complete packaging solutions for the pharma industry, however, is offering a great way to enhance profit margins and meet the rising demands of consumers and stakeholders. Here are some interesting trends in the pharma packaging industry that can help companies stay ahead of the curve.
  • New Safety Designs

    Pharmaceutical packaging has to be many things at the same time. It should be child-friendly, yet simple enough to be opened by seniors. Originally, packaging designers simply opted for bottles with child-resistant closures. With current trends, however, packaging has to be one step ahead. For instance, more and more prescription drugs are now being offered in blister packs with the rising shift toward retail. As a response, new concepts have emerged, like blister lids that require push-through motions. Such creative packaging designs are key to reaching more consumers without sacrificing the quality and safety of the product.
  • Green and Functional

    The eco-friendly trend is taking the world by storm, and the pharma industry is taking notice. Customers today show a significant preference for sustainable packaging that’s also functional. This can be a real test for packaging designers since one of the top priorities of the pharma sector is patient safety and regulation. But, you don’t need to worry. We at Consolidated Strategy Group are committed to producing user-friendly packaging through environmentally-friendly means. Our methods range from smarter manufacturing process to deliberate use and sourcing of sustainable materials. We also include more streamlined packaging processes that leave less carbon footprint and use fewer resources.
  • Counterfeit-resistance

    Counterfeiting pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry at present. Therefore, packaging solutions also have to be resistant to fraud. As a solution, we at Consolidated Strategy Group are offering better supply chain visibility and employing technologies that make it harder to falsify products and labels. Through these measures, packaging solutions are launched at the forefront of combatting counterfeiting and ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical products.
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency

    Like all packaged goods, the pharma industry requires speedy and reliable packaging solutions that offer the perfect combination: quality, product integrity, and ease of use. To remain competitive, companies must choose co-packers that are responsive to medical packaging breakthroughs and up to speed with current manufacturing technologies. In this way, pharm companies will be able to rise above the challenges plaguing the industry today while still delivering top-tier service and products to stakeholders.
  • Rise of Co-packing

    A major trend hitting the pharma industry today is the rising popularity of co-packing companies. Co-packers are able to provide complete turn-key components plus state-of-the-art packing processes, materials, and technologies. Working with co-packing companies presents a huge benefit for pharmaceutical industry players looking to stay competitive.

The Solution to Your Packaging Needs

At Consolidated Strategy Group, you can expect excellence in every product packaging service we offer. We have many years of experience with pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic packaging, and many more. Reach out to us today so we can talk about the right packaging for your products.