4 Evolving Trends in Complete Packaging Solutions

They say that the wrapping is as important as the gift. That is truest, in essence, in the packaging industry, where the color, size, texture, every little detail of a product’s packaging, may spell the difference between a customer picking it up or it spending a lifetime on the shelves. Hence, complete packaging solutions have been jockeying for position, thinking of creative ideas to outshine its competitors. But before we delve even deeper, it might be more useful to know what exactly are we talking about.

What are Complete Packaging Solutions?

In the packaging industry, the meaning of the term could be quite vague than one expects. In general, a complete packaging system is the collection of processes and machinery that achieves all the goals set upon by the packager. Some of these might involve automated systems. Industries using automated packaging systems often have huge productions, like:
  • Consumer products: pillow bags, candies and confectionaries, resealable stand-up bags, vacuum packaging for pet food, tins, and pouches
  • Cosmetics: hair and body products, makeup, perfume, stick packs
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
On the other hand, other industries use manual packaging machines, and sometimes assembly lines, in packaging their final output. Most of these are small to medium businesses that can go about with a much slower and fewer output. However, manual packaging is not without its merit. They:
  • Save energy
  • Are easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Highlight the aesthetics of a product
No matter which contract packaging services you get, the important thing is to ensure that your provider serves your needs well. For it to serve you well, your provider must be up-to-date with the latest trends in the packaging industry. Here are a few.

Five Evolving Trends in the Packaging Industry

  1. Creative modifications
Back in the day, beer and soft drink returnable glass bottles used applied ceramic labeling, which means the bottle is decorated using a ceramic silkscreen of up to three colors. Nowadays, direct printing on bottles, both on glass and in plastic is the fad. The result is a cleaner, better looking, and more colorful designs.
  1. Personalization
A few years back, Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” promotion brought personalization a step up, with bottles labeled with random names, and in a few places, can be printed with your name! Other brands caught up with the trend to the point that contract packaging services seem to be a co-creative process between the manufacturer and the consumer.
  1. Labeling is king
In an increasingly health-conscious market, consumers are demanding more and more information about the products they consume. Thus, clearer labels on the ingredients, nutrition content, expiration dates, and others should be the top priority for complete packaging solutions as consumers are smarter than ever.
  1. Senses are the key
Pushing past the sense of sight, packaging nowadays is moving to stimulate all the senses. We are seeing more and more products with “special effects” in their packaging that aims to evoke that “wow” factor!
  1. Mobile is the future
David Luttenberger, global packaging director of Mintel, says that brands are becoming more and more innovative with their packaging to engage consumers. Since the market is growing more smartphone savvy by the day, expect to see mobile interactivity in our packaging—ranging from printable near-field communication tech on labels to Bluetooth and LE. The possibilities are endless. Don’t get stuck in the backwaters of packaging. We at Consolidated Strategy Group can guide you through the exciting waters of efficient and creative packaging solutions! Check our Packaging Solutions and Additional Services page for the best packaging solutions in the market.